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MTW Endoskopie Manufaktur

MTW Endoskopie develops, produces and markets innovative medical instruments worldwide, mainly for flexible endoscopic applications. When Wolfgang Haag founded MTW Endoskopie in 1974, he specialized in custom-made products and repairs of surgical instruments.
From practice for practice: As a result of the increasing demand from medical specialists in practices and clinics, MTW Endoskopie has specialised in the development and manufacture of special instruments for flexible endoscopic applications. Over the decades, the company has introduced numerous new developments to the market, which are protected by patents and have international product approvals.


Premium Manufacture Products

Cyst Drainage Set Dr. Grotjahn

Cystostomy with pusher and straight stent

Micro Bite

For direct personal cholangioscopy

Puncture Biopsy Forceps

oval spoon mouth with prominent spike

Controllable Biopsy Forceps

up to 90°

Lithotomy Basket „Power-Catch“, Nitinol

4 wires, with noozle for contrast medium


Guide Wire

Cytology Brush

double-lumen, with guiding tip, for guide wire


Type "B" (Ball), controllable


controllable, tapered, guide wire lockable


with injection needle

Polypectomy Snare „Kudo-Snare“, controllable

braided, with flat feather


Transendoscopic lithotripsy of the latest generation

DPOC Guiding Catheter

for direct endoscopy of the bile ducts

Ring Knife Set

according to Prof. U. Will

Environmentally friendly and precise

We attach importance to flawless products

Sales Team

Cutting-edge sharpness and millimetre accuracy

High precision

Small development teams work closely together in the Manufacture to produce flexible endoscopic instruments of the highest quality. They file, drill, cut or mill precious metals, titanium or steel with millimetre precision.

Precisely shaped

You straighten the instruments by hitting, pressing or bending the parts to the desired shape. You straighten the instruments by hitting, pressing or bending the parts to the desired shape.


They deburr the blanks with grinding wheels or belts and remove sharp edges or fibres that have been created during metalworking. Precision in its highest form - that's what the Manufacture stands for at MTW Endoskopie.