Cyst Drainage Set Dr. Grotjahn

The cyst drainage set consists of a cystostome with a delayed pusher and a 2-flap endoprosthesis. The cyst drainage set was developed for the endoscopic puncture of cysts using HF current. The attached endoprosthesis can be placed for cyst drainage without changing instruments.


Use of the cyst drainage set

Figure 1: Use of the colour Doppler to exclude larger vessels in the stomach or cyst wall before a planned puncture. Endosonographic representation of a large symptomatic pancreatic pseudocyst, which is not completely echo-free, from the stomach.

Figure 2: Controlled position of the cystostome after puncture of the cyst using RF current.

Figure 3: Corresponding image to Figure 2 in the fluoroscopic control.

Figure 4: The cyst can be filled with contrast medium if required. In the pick-up situation shown, the puncture wire is replaced by a guidewire under radiological endosonographic control. This results in a stable access to the cyst, which allows the preloaded stent to move directly through the cystostome.

Figure 5: The pre-charged stent can be pushed into the pseudocyst under endoscopic and/or radiological control after loosening the pusher. Like the ERCP, the last flap or the second metal ring must still be identifiable in the stomach.

Figure 6: Radiological final inspection: The two platinum rings enable the stent position to be quickly identified.

Figure 7: Endoscopic control of the effective drainage.

Figure 8: In the present case, greenish-induced liquid.