For direct endoscopy of the bile ducts

DPOC Guiding Catheter

The POC guide catheter was developed for direct peroral cholangioscopy (DPOC). It consists of a balloon catheter, a 3 ml disposable syringe for inflating the balloon and a refill needle with stopcock. The handle of the POC guide catheter has a red connection marked „GAS“ for filling the balloon with air and a duct connection for the guide wire. The valve gate to open and close the venting lumen is located between these two ports.

The POC guide catheter is positioned via a duodenoscope and the balloon is inflated via the ventilation lumen of the catheter until the balloon is anchored behind the stenosis. After retraction of the guide wire, a sharp side cutter at the green mark on the catheter separates the handle from the DPOC guide catheter. Now the duodenoscope can be removed.

For direct endoscopy of the bile ducts

Example of Use

The guide wire and the cholangioscope or nasal gastroscope are then pushed through or over the POC guide catheter through the papilla into the desired region of the bile duct. Thanks to the blocked balloon, the cholangioscope or nasal gastroscope can be advanced to the stenosis.

If the balloon is insufficiently inflated with air and the handle is already detached from the catheter or if deflation is unintentional, it is possible to refill the balloon with a refill needle.